Spirituality and religion are two forever tangled terms which can always ignite one or the other controversy. Every religion has its own set of beliefs, do’s and don’ts and similarly, Hindu religion has its own versatile God family in which Lord Ganesha is the first of all to be worshiped as he is considered the God of all new beginnings.

Well, some media campaigns fail miserably to understand that an idea should be executed considering that it should not hurt anyone’s religious sentiments. Recently, an advertisement in Australia has ignited a lot of fire in the name of an ad campaign for MLA i.e. Meat and Livestock.

In this ad, religious leaders and Gods of different religions are sitting together and eating lamb. Without a doubt, Lord Ganesha pictured eating lamb is not going well with Hindus as it is really hurtful to see something totally opposite against our Indian teachings, being categorically shown in this ad.

Here’s the advertisement which totally lacks sensitivity towards their audience:

Yes, it’s provocative enough and that’s why people have tweeted to get it banned. Nitin Vashisht, the spokseman of Hindu community has said that the ad lacks ethics and should be withdrawn.

Here are few tweets from deeply hurt Indians living abroad:

Putting up with a much-owed explanation, Marketing manager Andrew Howie clarified and said, “We know that lamb has been the meat that brings everyone together for decades, and what better way to celebrate the product than over a modern spring barbecue.”

Let’s see this gets banned or not.