If you are also of the opinion that Muslims disrespect Hindu Gods and don’t pay them the desired reverence, then you need to change your thoughts as the world’s most Muslim populated country has an image of Lord Krishna imbibed on it’s currency notes.

Indonesia, a nation which is home to 12.7% of the world’s Muslims and has around 87% Muslim population in it’s territory, has an image of Lord Ganesha printed on it’s local currency notes called Indonesian Rupiah.

So, why did a Muslim country allow a Hindu God to feature on it’s currency notes?

Indonesian’s associate Lord Ganesha with Education, Art and Science and believe him to be an upbringer of knowledge and innovation. Lord Ganesha’s image feature on a 20,000 Indonesian Rupiah note , which has an image of a classroom on it’s back side.

The note also has an image of Mr Ki Hajar Dewantara, who was Indonesia’s first Education minister and a prominent leader of Indonesia’s freedom struggle.

There is an interesting story which goes around in Indonesia and credits Lord Ganesha for bringing back prosperity in Indonesia.

Some few years back when Indonesia’s economy was struggling to grow and was in dire crisis, some Indonesian strategists introduced a new 20,000 Indonesian Rupiah note with an image of Lord Ganesha printed on it. The strategy miraculously worked for Indonesia and it’s economy revived to register a high growth.

From then now, Indonesians have a staunch belief in Lord Ganesha and celebrate ganesh Chaturthi every year.