You can give them trouble, you can give them pain but you cannot take their hearts away. In spite of all the brutal agonies some people face, they always fight back and inspire others to get through this phase called life.

They have endured and left behind such evils that when they speak, you do nothing but listen and learn from their experience. One such brave heart is Resham Khan, who had her world turned upside down when a stranger threw acid on her when she was celebrating her 21st Birthday.

The acid attack could have taken her spirit away and maimed her for life but she fought back and fought back strong. She has been brave since the day it happened and has been documenting her fears and apprehensions in blogs.

But it was not an easy ride to normalcy. Initially she feared going to local shops and felt terrified by what would people think of her. She thought she would never look the same.

“Today I was too petrified to walk to my local shop. Too scared to face the world. Too scared of the looks I might get. Too scared to tackle the question “how are you”. Just too scared. That’s all I’ve been. Terrified and reluctant. My life on pause, frozen with fear,” she recounted.

But Resham didn’t lose hope and carried on her long journey to recovery. She recently shared her after recovery pictures on the eve of Eid and by Gods grace, she is more beautiful than ever.

Her pictures sent the twitteratis into Frenzy who admired her courage and determination to fight back from a horrible incident.


Here’s How Twitteratis Celebrated Her Moment Of Courage:

1- Well said!

2- She is the most beautiful lady I have seen

3- We salute her Bravery and courage

4- We also rejoice with Resh

5- That beautiful dress and heels

We salute Resham’s courage, determination and strength to come out of that evil horror and resurrect her courage and spine. We wish you a bright future, free of all the troubles you have faced.