This Couple From Manipur Is Breaking All Stereotypes


Mamota Devi Yumnam and Borun Yumnam from Manipur are, arguably, the most adorable couple in India. The Yumnan couple has won many trophies and media and are inspiring couples to stay fit.

The power couple. Source: Mamota Devi’s Facebook page

Mamota Devi 

Mamota Devi is a mother of 3 but still manages to take ample time out of busy schedule and hit the gym everyday. She has won many medals and trophies in bodybuilding tournaments. In fact, she is the first Indian woman to win medals at international bodybuilding events. She bagged bronze in the below 52kg category at the 46th Mr Asia for Men & Women, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Mamota was born and brought up in Imphal but she now resides in Delhi where manages a gymnasium.

People close to Mamota say that when she started working on her body and developed muscles, she became a very private person because she started looking masculine. But, she didn’t give up and kept working towards achieving her goals. She now describes herself as ‘Woman of Steel’.

Mamota and Borun. Source: Mamota Devi’s Facebook page

Borun Yumnam

Borun is also a professional bodybuilder and has bagged the Mr India and Mr Asia titles. He supports his wife Mamota and trains everyday with her.

A big chunk of Indian population still believe that body building is only for men and women should keep away from it. But, Borun and his wife Mamota are breaking the stereotype and winning medals in bodybuilding in India and around the world.

It is not a small feat to defy all odds and go against the society to achieve your goals. But, these two have done it together and now they are a source of inspiration for many, who admire their courage and salute their passion.

We, at Unite For India, wish Mr. and Mrs. Yumnan all the best and hope they will keep winning medals and set an example for the future generation.