When Kavita Devi from Haryana entered the WWE ring in her Salwar Kameez and broke all stereotypes attached to women in India, she became the first Indian female wrestler to be a part of WWE.

Prior to her, Tiger Jeet Singh, The Great Khali, and the reigning champion, Jinder Mahal have represented India in WWE, but there had been no Indian female wrestler. Kavita Devi, a former champion powerlifter trained under The Great Khali at his academy in Punjab before making her WWE debut in the inaugural Mae Young Classic women’s tournament last month.

She entered the WWE ring clad in a Salwar Kameez and looked menacing throughout the tournament but didn’t achieve the success she would have hoped for. Nevertheless, she termed the tournament a great learning experience and hopes to be a future WWE Champion.

Kavita’s journey from a village of rural Haryana to representing India at WWE ring, is nothing short of an inspirational story. Elders of her village tried preventing her from chasing her dreams and asked her parents to get her married. ‘ladki ko akela baahar mat bhejo aise, shaadi kara do iski’, they said.

Fortunately for Kavita, she had her brother who stood like a rock and supported her at every step. He encouraged Kavita to focus on her game and the rest is history. , ‘Kavita, tum game par dhyaan do, leave these people to me’, he used to tell Kavita.

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