With stylish and grand luxury cars running on our streets, have you ever wondered what the biggest car in the world looks like? Who owns it? How big is it?

Without making you wait further, below are features of the world’s longest car.

The Key Features Of The Car:

1- The world’s longest car is a massive limousine and has been named ‘American Dream’

2- It was designed and built by California custom car guru Jay Ohrberg

3- It measures a staggering 100 feet and was certified by Guinness World Records as the longest car in the world

4- It comes equipped with 26 wheels, a Jacuzzi, king-sized water bed,diving board and even a helicopter landing pad

5- There are two separate driver cabins to ensure smooth turning of the car. The front seat driver negotiates any turn while the ‘backseat driver’ steers the rear axles

6- It also has a candelabra-festooned living room along with a small lace which includes a king sized bed

7- It can be driven in its straight-as-an-arrow state, or reset to bend in the middle

But inspite of its success and widespread fame, this massive limousine lost it’s sheen and faced an eventual demise. It was leased to a company which used it as a promotional vehicle but after it’s leased time finished, it was abandoned it in a New Jersey warehouse.

It resurfaced in 2012 at an auction but had severe damage to the body, tears in the roof, broken windows, and a rusty Jacuzzi. Luckily for it, New York’s Autoseum Automotive Teaching Museum acquired the American Dream in 2014 and is currently under restoration.