A video which recently went viral captured a plane navigating the three tornadoes in its flight path as it avoided the danger in front of it. The tornadoes only lasted five minutes before dissolving into the sea.

Filmed in Sochi, Russia, witnesses spotted the plane weaving through the twisters in succession as it attempted to land. It was reported that 12 waterspouts were spotted over the Black Sea the same day. They are all part of the bizarre weather to hit the region this week.

In a matter of hours, the footage was posted on Instagram which spoke every bit of the plane’s attempt to criss-cross its way ahead and find a safe landing. The same tornadoes were also photographed by eyewitnesses arriving by air to the city’s airport. Many of them took pictures of the heart-stopping moment.

According to Sochi Express, nine flights were forced to divert due to the scary weather conditions. However, the pilot of this plane appeared to go through them all with ease as it passed over the sea.

Sochi has been experiencing some weird weather storms in the past fortnight. One spout was even spotted at an unusual 90-degree curve that ran parallel to the sea, shocking viewers.

Fortunately no-one was hurt, but locals have been warned to stay vigilant. Experts have speculated that a secondary tornado could hit imminently. Their unpredictable nature can increase the possibility of severe turbulence.