Virat Kohli might have led the Indian squad for quite sometime now. But there have been occasions where the skipper has ran in for a bit of assistance from his predecessor Mahendra Singh Dhoni, whilst taking big decisions like DRS. An instance of it was seen during the on-going match against Sri Lanka.

It was in the 4th ODI at Colombo, Niroshan Dickwella who was hitting the ball well right from the second over targeting Jasprit Bumrah was presented with a short ball from debutant Shardul Thakur. It was on the leg side, Dickwella tried to play that fine and concede a boundary. But the ball brushed his glove on the way to Dhoni’s gloves. Dhoni, Thakur and the fielder went up straight away but unimpressed with the loud appeal, the umpire declared it a NOT OUT.

As is rightly said that Dhoni has a knack of identifying the perfect opportunity, he yet again helped Virat Kohli-led team take two successful DRS decisions and turned the 4th ODI in their favour right.

Trusting his instincts, Dhoni asked for a review straight away saying ‘awaaz aaya hai’. It turned out that he was correct in his statement as Kohli reviewed it and the snick-o-meter showed that the ball has brushed the gloves on its way. The decision was reversed and Dickwella was given out.

Another such incident happened in the 8th over as Jasprit Bumrah bowled a bouncer towards the leg side to Dilshan Munaweera. Once again the bowl brushed the glove and everyone appealed for caught behind. Dhoni once again asked for a review, this time around it was too close.

The third umpires had checked and re-checked to force the reversal of the on-filed decision much in the favor of Indians. Bumrah got another wicket and Sri Lanka never really recovered from the early blows thereby losing to India by a record 168 runs.

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