Though he couldn’t win the title, he still managed to won the hearts of millions. Yes, we are talking about the guy with a melodious voice, Amit Sana from Bhillai, Chhattisgarh, who was declared the first runner up of Indian Idol Season 1.

It’s been almost 12 years now but Sana could never be heard on the television. Despite of garnering a humongous popularity while being in the show, his singing career never really paced up. Recently, a few media houses got in touch with the singer to know how life has been all this while.

“Post Indian Idol, I did two albums; one was produced by me in 2008. After that, I was mostly doing stage shows in India and other foreign countries. In 2010, I did try my hand in composing songs but then I took a break from it because it was little difficult for me to understand the audience taste of music since it kept changing.

Also, while composing, my riyaaz was suffering and so I decided to take a break. Right now, I am only concentrating on my singing and still preparing to become a successful playback singer,” Amit Sana said in an interview.

“Indian Idol was a dream cum true period for me. It changed my life in a positive way, but honestly the real struggle began post the show. While the time I was on TV, someone was producing the show; all I had to do was just to concentrate on my singing.

But post that, I faced lot of difficulty in getting a good project. The most difficult phase was to generate work for my own self. There are so many artists who are willing to do anything to get work; I do not believe in this philosophy. I believe in hard work and no short cut in my work,” he added.

Elaborating more on the struggling phase of his career, the singer added, “Surprisingly, just a year later after Indian Idol happened, I was jobless. At that time, people liked my singing; but unfortunately I did not have work in my hand. That was a very bad year for me. Again 2008-2009 was a struggling period for me.

I had to really work very hard to come out of this struggling phase. Thankfully, I am getting enough stage shows now which mean that people still like my work. I am a late learner; initially it did take time to understand the depth of the songs; but now I am ready for playback singing. My vision is clear now and I am sure it will really help me in achieving my dream.”

It’s particularly heartbreaking to see how some people with both talent and a platform, do not succeed in making it to the top. Now married to interior designer Manisha Sana, Amit wants to bring about a change in the society. He is an avid reader with some strong opinions on politics and current affairs.

Music for a social cause, that’s what Amit’s point of view says. In fact, the singer has already stepped up in achieving his dream.

A big hug and tons of wishes from our side!