The hunt for love takes a rather gross turn in Splitsvilla X. Yes, it’s worse than drawing blood and no, this isn’t a wrap-up for the faint-hearted. If you are picky about where your food and juices come from, the health food violations in the 10th season are going to leave your stomach feeling rather queasy.

With a tagline ‘Catch your Match’, the show airs on MTV India and is hosted by Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singh. While the theme in itself is all sorts of crazy, there are times when it forgets the thin line between sexy and vulgar. Speaking of the same, a task in one of the recent episodes was so gross that it needs to be called out.

As a part of the Bae-Watch challenge, the female contestants were made to lick aphrodisiac food items off the body parts of male contestants. Titled Lick and Pick, the task was as disgusting as it sounds!

Barring Akshita (because she and Sidharth make an ideal couple), all female contestants were made to wear glasses which forbade them from seeing anything. They were then asked to lick the food item off the boy’s body and also guess who the person was. The maximum points a girl would win from this task was three. One for guessing the food item, second for the body part of the man and third for the name of the male contestant. Puke-worthy, isn’t it?

It all began with Sunny and Ranvijay picking up chits that carried the names of the food item, boy’s name, and body part. This messy business in the name of entertainment made us see contestants like Nibedita licking vanilla ice cream off Priyank’s nose, Anmol licking chocolate syrup off Haneet’s back and Esha licking egg yolk off Baseer’s elbow. How on Earth this helps someone find their match, is something only the makers could explain.

I guess intimacy doesn’t sum up licking stuffs off someone’s body. All it does is make us want to cringe hard. More disturbingly, this downright derogatory and disgusting task is a tight slap to hygiene too!

Just FYI, it was Naina who won the task by guessing it right that she licked peanut butter off Mohit’s neck. Maybe in the tasks to follow, they’ll show contestants licking things off even weirder parts because that’s how you find your mate, right? Television does need to grow up. Argh!