Prime Minister Narendra Modi has never been an admirer of VIP culture in India and has often called for reduction in VVIP practices. He has tried to lead from the front and on many occasions, has gone against the rule books to set example for other VVIP’s.

From breaking security protocols to addressing nation from an open dais without any bullet proof covering, he has often set a unique precedent for other VVIP’s to follow in India.

Just few days back we wrote a post highlighting the difference between PM Modi and congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi, when it comes to showing courtesy to other political leaders, esp women leaders at party meetings.

We compared two incidences, one in which MR Modi met Tumkur’s Mayor Geeta Rudresh in 2014 and showed the highest level of respect to her. He met her with his hands folded and didn’t shy from bending in front of her. The other incident showed Mr Gandhi at the inauguration of Indira canteen in Bangalore, disrespecting a Congress woman leader. He failed to show respect to a woman Mayor who came to meet him.

The congress leadership has often been criticized for acting like Monarchs when there is in fact, no Sultanate. Congress leaders themselves have often accused Congress High command for indulging in nepotism and neglecting the realities on ground.

A recent incident involving Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi perfectly highlights the deep rooted feeling of supremacy in Congress. The Congress duo recently met MLA’s from Gujarat, but what shocked people was the fact that all the MLA’s were standing behind a steel railing, and were not allowed to meet them in open.

Although both the Congress leaders had their hands folded and were greeting MLA’s with respect, but the division created was unnecessary and showed what exactly is wrong with congress. If an MLA has to stand behind a barrier to meet their leaders, a common man can only dream of getting close to them.

On the contrary, PM Modi is known to greet his party workers without any distinction and meets them with absolute affection and respect.

Nandita Thakur, a small level BJP worker recently tweeted pictures of her with PM Modi and wrote why he is different from Mr Gandhi. She uploaded her picture with the caption

फर्क देखें! राहुल गाँधी कैसे अपने गुजरात MLAs से मिल रहे हैं और दूसरी तरफ ने मुझ जैसे मामूली सी कार्यकर्ता तक के लिए वक़्त निकला और आदरपूर्वक मिलेl” (See The Difference. How Rahul Gandhi is meeting his party MLA’s and how PM Modi took out time for a small leader ;like me and showed utmost respect to me.)