After 15th August, just when we were trying to accept that women too are independent in the country something so shameful happened in Bihar’s Nalanda district. An incident that rekindles the already burning topic of women safety.

A young girl was brutally beaten up by Special Police Officer, (SPO) near NH 10. Reason for beating her was that she was busy talking on phone with her boyfriend. If this devastates you, reading further will boil your blood.

This incident happened earlier this week, and a video  about the same has been hitting hard on the internet.

People started to gather around the scene and made videos but none came to the girl’s rescue.  In fact, there were people who were encouraging that cop for beating the girl. Calling her a girl with lose character, the cop went on and on to brutally beat the girl. After the video went viral, the SPO has been fired from the post and an investigation has been set in order.

So here’s what it all comes down to. Policemen who are the so-called protectors are doing such shameful things. No one came to object that if a woman is being suspected of something wrongful, she needs a woman inspector to look into the matter. It’s high time that we get over such disappointing matters.

Here’s The Shocking Video: