They met for an endorsement, started off being friends and soon hit it out in the lovezone. When India’s ace cricketer falls head over heels for Bollywood’s most promising actress, paparazzi is bound to go gaga over it.

Inspite of all the trolls, rumours and work commitments, “Virushka” seems to have been going strong and steady and often share pictures of each other on social media. Love oozes out from their pictures and the couple is not afraid to speak about each other in public.

Like every other couple, they also faced initial bumps and especially after Anushka was blamed for Virat’s poor performances. But they didn’t leave others side and their bond has only strengthened in the mean time. Their love has blossomed and ho has the mutual respect for each other.


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Their bonding and love has become a benchmark for other couples, and fans keep a keen eye on every step this couple takes.

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In case you need more reasons to go Aww about Virushka, the name by which Virat Kohli calls Anushka will definitely do it.

Recently a fan came to know what Virat lovingly calls Anushka after he heard them talking to each other.  Virat called Anushka with the name, Nushkie and as this news spread, people couldn’t stop themselves from appreciating the love, the couple carries for each other.

Here’s a picture of Virat Kohli with Anushka from Srilanka.