It was yesterday that just like all of us, Akshay Kumar was also expressing his happiness about 15th August, bringing on another year of Independence for India. The Khiladi had to make it a style-wish for his fans and for which, he was riding a bicycle and was also simultaneously interacting with the camera when suddenly something strange happened.

So, here’s the video, in case you missed it:

Well, being famous to perform all his stunts himself, Akshay Kumar went on to record this video in all good spirits but this time, it was a fall. Call it purposeful or unintentional, Akshay’s fans still enjoyed it.

His twitter was full of his fan comments and here area  few of them.

Akshay Kumar’s recent movie, ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ itself is an example that he makes sure to be that one citizen of India who always uses his public image to bring in some wise words for his fans. His video yesterday was also a hidden message for all those youngsters who think driving and talking is cool. Guys, it’s not. We don’t say it, but your dearest Khiladi does and he also just casted an example himself. So drive safe, and be safe.