As Independence Day is showing up, for some it’s gonna be all about sleep, eat, rest, relax and freak out. While some would actually get a bit patriotic for a day. One thing that makes this whole event a lot more exciting is the plethora of kites out there, gracing the sky. Come August 15, you will see the blue blanket all dotted with kites of various hues, shapes, and sizes. It started off quite long ago, and the tradition still continues.

It is that time of the year when the kite sellers could walk away with big moolah and you finally get to revive your childhood and scream out loud, “Kai Po Che!” But do you know that there’s an interesting story behind how it all first started?

Tracing the history behind this whole kite flying thing, it all goes back to 1927 when patriotic Indians were trying to protest against the Simon commission. Symbolising freedom, kites with the slogan “Go Back Simon” written over them were flown in the sky and ever since then it became a tradition.

Now that you know the iconic history, wait no more, rush to the market and get the finest kite to enjoy the day your nation got freedom. Let your folks come out of their boring videos and computer games and have a fun-filled Independence day celebration.

But hey, make sure not to use manjha for flying as those things come with a coating of finely crushed and powdered glass, which is really dangerous for birds. Not just birds but even pedestrians and two-wheelers sometimes could get entangled in the thread. Using cotton threads instead would make for a much better option.