Ushering in the celebrations of 70th year of an independent country, Indians everywhere are blooming with joy and pride. Following various manners of celebration, Indian Embassies in the world were full of patriotism. 15th August marks to be a very important date for all the Indians as we were free to be ourselves in our own country. Political, social and economical fronts were all left to ourselves to exercise our will and create laws for governing ourselves. The loss of many substantial lives and sacrifice of many sons and daughters contribute towards making our country a free country. This was the day that marked end of the British Raj and all these reasons make it a special day which cannot pass by without bringing in a sense of remembering heroic deeds, struggles and strong will behind making India, a country what it is today.

Early this day, PM Modi unfurled the national flag at Red Fort at 7:23 am and it was also followed by a 21-gun salute fired by the gunners of the elite 2281 Field. Well, that’s about the celebrations at Red Fort, but you might be missing out on the celebrations conducted by Indian embassies all across the globe. So, have a look at it to make sure you’re a know-it-all.

  1. In the United States of America

2. In Turkey

3. In Germany

4. In Pakistan

5. In Sri Lanka

6. In China

7. In United Kingdom

8. In Japan

Indians all across the globe are kept safe with these embassies representing our nation in each country. Indians have always learnt to be on top of their game, and the celebrations today are just a reminder of it. Happy 70th year of Independence to one and all.