Often at the path of spirituality, one is left to make a choice for his/her religion which is always seen as a private choice or in most cases there is no choice but we follow the religion adopted by our fathers and forefathers. Well, there are many celebrities who had their different choices to make after following a religion for a long time. Let’s know more about those choices, individually.

  1. A R Rehman


A R Rehman follows Islam and it started in the year 1989 when his younger sister was seriously ill. He also changed his name from R. S. Dileep Kumar to Allah Rakha Rahman (A. R.Rahman).

2. Ashton Kutcher


Catholic by birth, Ashton converted to Kabbalah after sometime. This religion is adapted from the Jewish culture and follows similar concepts and theories.

3. Richard Gere


Originally being a catholic, Richard had thoughts to change his religion when he visited Nepal. It was in the late 70s’ that Buddhism attracted him and he made a switch.

4. Nargis


It was after Nargis and Sunil Dutt got married that she started practicing Hinduism. Along with this she also changed her name from Nargis to Nirmala Dutt.

5. Dharmendra


Quiet popular for getting married twice, Dharmendra’s first wife refused divorce which led the couple to a temporary religion change. He converted to Islam so that he could get married to Hema Malini.

6. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes


Tom Cruise is a rigid follower of Scientology and after getting married, Katie too gave into the same religion. Scientology is a religion that offers a precise path leading to a complete and certain understanding of one’s true spiritual nature and one’s relationship to self, family, all other life forms, the material universe, the spiritual universe and the supreme being.

7. Madonna


Madonna also made a switch to Kabbalah to make sure that she follows the rule of embracing ‘One true worldwide faith’ of Methodism.

8. George Harrison


The lead Guitarist of Beatles band was impressed with Hinduism and became a devotee of the Hare Krishna movement. He till date is an active follower of ISKCON.

9. Sharmila Tagore

religionSharmila Ragore tied a knot with cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi on December 27, 1969. The marriage led her to convert her religion to Islam. She has now adopted the name Begum Ayesha.

10. Hazel Keech


Originally, Hazel is a British-Mauritian model but after getting married to cricketer Yuvraj Singh in 2016, she changed her religion and is now known as Gurbasant Kaur.

11. Michael Jackson

MJ who is known as the King of Pop before his death started practicing Islam a few years before his death. However, there was no official confirmation to this news but his dear ones still believe that he converted to Islam.