The trend of taking selfies is by far the longest ongoing one. With funny and good pictures, it has also been a cause of many people dying. But never the less, people can’t get enough of selfies. Call it a self obsession or the perfect angle but a selfie is always more satisfying than the pictures we get clicked from other people.

Well in other foreign countries, you can see people taking selfies of themselves with good scenic views, natural landscapes, with friends and also with food. But when in India, the trends have to get a little indie style. So, have a look at these selfies which are no less than a shock but will also put you in splits of laughter at the same time.


  1. Apparently this lady is taking a selfie of a woman and herself crying next to a corpse

2. We believe in capturing every moment. Mind you, EVERY moment

3. He really is a Super Man with a selfie stick-cum-wiper

4. Who says we are not smart?

5. Introducing you all to a new low angle of taking selfies

6. Like I said, we capture every moment

7. We can do much better than this. How about trying to be helpful, if not scared?

8. It’s just another expression of grieving. Quiet progressive though!

9. Oh, I can see the snake pouting

10. Because we like are selfies with manual sticks


11. Selfies can also wash away sins


12. So that when in heaven, at least they can have a good flashback, God gracious!


13. Basically, a selfie is considered ‘epic’ if taken at the moment of any disastrous event or accident


14. The biggest threat to mankind


Do let us now if we missed out on any that you like. However, taking selfies is taking a toll over our lives now. We need to stop before a dead end comes. A few moments demand to be private and we think it should be respected.