Yogi Adityanath is a simple man hailing from Uttarakhand’s Panchur in Pauri district and wants to bring a revolution with substantial changes in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Indians have always demanded a political leader who is true to his roots so that he can relate to the problems taking place at a grass root level and fix them. CM Adityanath is that one man who can probably empathize with people of UP and bring in the waves of good change.

Most of us are familiar with his journey of being a yogi and now a Chief Minister but what is less talked about is his family history and family’s lifestyle. So, let’s put some light on Yogi Adityanath’s family and how do they feel about his work and lifestyle.

Yogi Adityanath’s family is still living in the Pauri district where his sister puts a stall and sells tea, prasad, and eatables to travelers from the hills.

Many news channels have interviewed Shashi and she has always maintained that she is happy with her life and is no where planning to go to her brother’s place in UP. Shashi says that all she wants, and wishes for is, that her brother continues to work for the welfare of the people and make a name for himself.

Since Raksha Bandhan has just gone down the lane, Shashi said that it’s been 26 years now that she has not been able to tie a rakhi on the wrist of her brother but that does not make her sad as when she looks at her brother doing such great things for the society, it makes her feel content. She says that she now sends the Raksha Bandhan thread to the New Delhi address of her brother and hopes that it reaches him.

A CM who does not play with his post and power, that’s what sums up Yogi Adityanath’s job for us. His family says that all they want is that the CM devotes himself wholeheartedly for the welfare of the people for whom he left the worldly life.

Yogi Adityanath’s younger brothers was once quoted in an interview to ABP news that the reason why they don’t want to move out from hills is that already people are making a shift to cities and if everyone leaves the hills there will be no one left to care about the lands. He said that staying in the village and making it better is what they try to do.

Yogi Adityanath’s humble approach towards his life and his grounded family gives us an impression that UP CM is really following the footsteps of PM Narendra Modi, which in itself is a great achievement that hints towards more respect coming his way.