After years of struggling to survive through the British Raj, one fine day we were officially declared independent. India got back its dignity, the freedom to be a self-existing nation and a democracy that didn’t need to bow down to others. But it also lost a huge chunk of its soul, a big part of its land, and a large population of its people.

In the midst of this exchange where around 25 million people relocated to their new homes, what followed was complete chaos. With evil looming over the two nations, both India and Pakistan marked this event as the darkest blot on their history. Borders were drawn, riots were triggered and cruelty was on its peak.

As part of the Independence Day week, let’s take a look at some pictures while our country was struggling through the 1947 partition. The pictures clearly depict the dismay of the people who crossed borders and the horrible state it left both the countries in.

When for the first time Jinnah demanded the creation of an all-Islamic state, Pakistan

Jinnah and Nehru

Millions on a journey with destination still blurred

Can life get any harsher?

Enough to give us goosebumps

Lost count on dead bodies

Refugees from Pakistan arriving barefoot in India


When you’ve no idea what future has in store for your little one

Maharaja Jiwaji Rao addresses a gathering on India’s first Independence Day


At least vultures got their food

Because the only option is to leave and leave now

Some fled in a boat


When streets become the home for nomads

Souls turn to dust as others pass by

Wreckage left after millions were uprooted

The living dead

Carrying hopes of millions, the railways started its journey

When life gives up on you

Burdened with the plight that came with partition

A sight that would make death look better than life

Exhaustion brought them to their knees

The residue of riots plague the streets

Journey to a new land

Time went on but the tracks ran out

An expression that perfectly describes the chaos of the partition