Dance is such an art that if performed perfectly it has the ability to leave everyone awestruck. It never fails to make the audience feel saturated with its sheer brilliance and  rhythmic tempo. From generations, dancers have been entertaining audiences around the world with their liveliness and amazing moves.  From contemporary dance to westernized dance,  each has its own beauty and persona.

Goa girls dancing to 'Break Up' song and 'Beat Pe Booty' is driving the internet CRAZY! VIDEO

But not everyone is inherited with this fine art of dancing. The emergence of social media has given a fine platform to such budding dancers to showcase their talent in front of the world. You will often come across videos of beautiful dance performances on the internet. These videos not only freshen us up but also makes us feel like dancing to their tunes.

The video we are showing you in this post is also of one such amazing performance. Well, we we all love to groove to the beats of Bollywood peppy numbers on and off but a bunch of Goa girls dancing to ‘Break Up’ song and ‘Beat Pe Booty’ track is driving the internet crazy.

The video has already got more than 50 lakh views and has been posted by YouTube channel named So Effin Cray.

Watch: Goa Girls Dancing On The Break Up Song and Beat Pe Booty