The much awaited and anticipated GST is here and with that, new mixed opinions are also on their way. While no one has a clear knowledge about the various implications GST brings in, people are all highly busy in bringing out their own set of theories.

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When ordinary lot continues to do that, we also have some extra-ordinary people who completely put their humor in use to bring out a rather funny side of GST being introduced again in India. Check it out:

  1. Khoon ka Badla Khoon

2. We expected the digs on PM Modi

3. Talk about the changing trends, I tell you!

4. Personification is a must after all

5. Something for those social media geeks right here

6. Oops

7. Congress kaise bach ke bhag sakti hai

8. On point!

9. Coz you all have to bare it dear opponents

10. This one seems realistic

11. Definitions keep changing with the changing audience

12. GST? JUST? Did you get it?

13. You bet I didn’t notice that

So, this was GST all joked about. Well how about getting some real knowledge about what exactly GST is and how it will cause a difference?

GST, the Goods and Services Tax is one of the historical tax reforms which has been finally introduced into our economy after winning over several debates and discussions of 17 years. Under this the basic tax on gods and services has been re-considered in order to make sure that basic necessities of everyone are kept with low-tax rates and high-end commodities are kept with higher tax rates in order to remove the unwanted disparities of income prevailing in our country.

So, how is GST treating you guys? Let us know about it in the comments section.