Washington DC: Prime Minister Narendra Modi meeting the President of United States of America (USA), Donald Trump, at White House, in Washington DC, USA on Tuesday.PTI Photo /pib (PTI6_27_2017_000023A)

The latest national buzz is all about PM Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump’s meeting in the USA. It has been the much-awaited meeting which is expected to open gateways of growth for both the nations.

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The two world leaders who are also famous for their equally popular gestures pledged to eradicate ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ and a lot more is yet to come. As wait gets way too longer for our dear Twitter users, they thought to take a humorous dig on the first phase of meeting itself. From the ‘up close and personal’ moments which express the ‘bhai-chaara’ happening here, you will truly thank Twitteratti to have taken a moment of hardwork towards making up these memes. Check it out:

  1. That’s one typically Indian question ever

2. Bhabhiji’s absence felt strongly

3. And finally the compassionate hug

4. The moment when you see your board exams result

5. Some serious rishtedari goals

6. Some strong bonds here

7. Baniye ka Dimaag Aur Miyan Bhai ki Daring

8. Because we Indian are always high on humour

9. Hugging Goals

10. Uphaar for Bhabhi Ji

So this was all the humour which our Twitter users managed to find in between the lines. Modi’s showers of love have always been a news and this time too it was shining bright. What would I do if there were no twitter feeds! After all all serious talks and no fun are not a good match. Well, on a serious note, the two world leaders are working towards destroying terrorism and making cordial mutual-growth relations between the 2 countries.