It’s an irony in India that no matter what, whether you are single or committed, you will always be irritated with your love life. Many of you hop from one bar to another in search of that perfect one and even if you manage to talk to that special one, something weird will pop us in most of the cases.

These 15 GIFs Perfectly Describe An Indian’s Dating Life:

1- When you go to a bar but the guy/girl that hits on you looks creepy


2- And then suddenly the most beautifulĀ girlĀ at the bar stares at you

 indian beauty GIF

3- And then just cannot hide your happiness


4- And then you get to know she’s from a different town

 tv sad doctor who sadness pout GIF

5- And then you see one more beauty and move on from the pain you suffer last time

 indian beauty GIF

6- You are the happiest person in the world


7- You hit on her and this is how she reacts


8- You drink like anything to forget everything

 tv drinking drunk mad men jon hamm GIF

9- And the next morning you just cannot get up


10- And then you remember all the shit that happened last night

 12 angry men GIF

11- You turn on tinder because you need a distraction

 tinder swipe right robot GIF


12- And then you again get lost in miles and miles of

 music rap women margot robbie models GIF

13- And more

 beautiful women GIF


14 And more

 beautiful women GIF



15- Then your best friend asks how your weekend was and you are like, man…