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It’s Rahul Gandhi’s birthday today and we can’t help but imagine him with a birthday cap, new flashy clothes and his favorite cake on the table, from his mommy love. Why I can imagine him like this is because since forever he has been a mama’s boy and that tag cannot be separated from him so easily.

However, one talent that he has in abundance is that of being an entertainer. Whether it comes off naturally or he works really hard on it, but his speeches always leave people in splits of laughter. Check out the few best of his stand-ups, where ended up being a clown.

  1. When he tried explaining what is Politics

“Politics is in your shirt, in your pant.”

So, basically our brothers, fathers, male friends, all turn out to be politicians in disguise!

2. When he wanted to tell us the magnitude of Gujarat and India in Ahmedabad Congress Meet

“Gujarat is bigger than the United Kingdom. In fact, India is you know, bigger than Europe and the United States put together.”

Okay, we get it. Geography was definitely not your favorite subject, Sir.

3. When he cleverly tried to dodge away black money situation:

“All cash is not black and all black money is not in cash”

*Goes back home and tells mom, about how he created a new tongue twister today*

4. When he tried explaining the disparities of income:

“gareebon se paisa kheecho, Ameeron ko seecho”

…And ended up revealing too much about Congress’s policies.

5. When he tried coming up with a vague statement:

“First time in the history of the world one man has caused problems for 1.3 billion people”

But unintentionally introduced himself.

6. When he celebrated April Fool’s day a little too late:

“Congress party wants to wipe off corruption from India”

7. When he confused poverty with self-confidence

“Poverty is just a state of mind. It does not mean the scarcity of food, money or material things. If one possesses self-confidence, then one can overcome poverty.”

So, the next time you come across people who consider themselves poor because they have no money, you know what you have to tell them.

8. When he failed miserably to strike a comparison:

“Modi is spreading hatred and demonetization is an example of that.”

And, how would you like to explain it?

9. When he tried to instigate Indian farmers against BJP, without realising that they can never hate BJP as much as they hate Congress:

“Modi ji had made fun of the farmers at the Parliament by saying they dig pits”

10. When he tried talking about FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE:

“For the first time, India’s financial independence has been attacked

Okay, but under Congress it was completely Hijacked!

Thankyou, Rahul Gandhi for being the Kapil Sharma of politics. Happy 47th birthday to you.