When we say ‘fashion’, magnificent is the word to strike our minds. Who knew ‘weird’ can be the new cool! These 18 photographs straight from the ramps of some most iconic fashion shows all across the globe would make you scratch your head and think ‘who wears that?’

Would you dare step out like this? I bet your won’t.

Has she got some birds in there?

When you’re too busy to brush your hair

That would make for a beautiful vase for your living room

Hope nobody’s got pins here!

Somebody send this man to Fear Factor

Is the dress more attractive or the make-up? Can’t decide.

Looks like some anacondas lost their home

Has the aliens already invaded?

Cinderella can finally rest in peace

Sir, I’ve your newspaper. I’m wearing it.

A whole new concept for Christmas trees

When we said we wouldn’t mind some exposure, we didn’t mean this

I’m sure there must be a better place to commit suicide.

An exemplary case where you either wear too much or wear nothing

When the dress refuses to get out of the hanger

When you take that ‘Go Green’ thing too seriously

See mom! I love animals

No caption needed

Get off my way batman. The wonder woman is coming!