Somebody has rightly said, ‘ All work and no humour will make your life dull and boring.’ The constant pressure we are subjected to whether it is in our professional life or college life, it makes it mandatory to have moments of fun and joy to ease down the pressure a bit. This post is dedicated to all those people who want to take a minute off from their work and enjoy few moments of laughter.

Here Are 20 Funniest GIFs Which Will Surely Make You Laugh:

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1- When you fall so close to your target

2- F..k! That would have surely hurt

3- The funniest dog jump ever!

4- Rolling On The Floor

This one is even better with a voiceover.

5- That’s why its not wise to take things from strangers

6- When somebody takes your bed

7- Good Morning, Sir!

8- It cannot get more disgusting!

9- He knows how to do it better!

10- When you don’t know what you are doing

11- Isn’t she scary?

12- Do you wanna taste some cow dung?

13- Holy Shit!

14- That would have surely hurt!

15- When you are in no mood to work

16- HaHa, I don’t want him.

17- Haha, When you argue with your parents

18- When you try to be over smart

19- Now That’s mean

20- The definition of a best friend

21- Why are dogs so funny?

22- That’s creepy!

23- Hahaha, The scariest dog ever

24- Aww, When you are sad with your mom

25- When your girlfriend is dancing in front of you

Source: Buzzfeed