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Considering the fact that Indians are quite passionate about porn and are only behind to USA and UK when it comes to porn viewership, this post to dedicated to all the porn lovers across the country, though we are not showing you some porn video but some amazingly sensual GIFs which are even better than porn.

Image result for sensual photos

According to a latest research, a majority of porn is watched from your average internet search at 90 percent, and in fact 33% women use various online portals to search for hot sensual stuff.

So, Here Are 20  Sensual & Sexy GIFs Which Will Get You In Mood:

1-  That fear before the storm erupts

2- That crazy feeling

3-  Wild,haan?

4- Like a boss!

5- Who doesn’t like a little foreplay?

6- The only reason to watch ‘The Notebook’

7- You would surely remember this


8- Its always good in a car

9- Domination

10- Don’t let your mind overtake your emotions

11- Instant is the best

12- No matter tongue was always meant to do that


13- There is something for everybody


14- For the love of morning

15- its always better under candle light



16- A lot of heat

17- She is good at lip biting

18- You know nothing Jon Snow!


19- In front of the open river


20 – This is when you just cannot control yourself