Yesterday only we showed a prank video where actor Rajkumar Rao had got infuriated on the pranksters and today it is the king of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan who found himself at the receiving end of a prank which didn’t leave a good taste in his mouth. King Khan, who is generally very calm and refrains from showing anger in public got infuriated to such an extent that he shouted at the prankster in front of the camera.

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SRK was invited to appear on MBC’s Ramez Taht El Ard (Ramez Underground) — the popular but controversial reality TV show where mostly Arab celebrities are pranked in near-death scenarios. The episode started off innocently enough but soon SRK fell into a mud-pit along with a female actress.

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The actor was trying to regain his cool when suddenly he saw a chameleon coming towards him. A terrified Shah Rukh was able to keep his wits intact but it did scare him to the death.

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He even punched the anchor and threw mud at him after he was told it was just a prank and it was not an original chameleon. “Don’t touch me. I don’t want you near me. You’re sick; you’re ugly,” SRK said to host Ramez Galal after the prank got over.

Watch: Shah Rukh Khan In Ramez Galal Prank

Watch this video by skipping to 7th minute

Later Galal posted a photo of him alongside King Khan and assured everything is fine between the duo.