Only a true Bollywood lover can know the value of stunts in our movies. From pulling victims out of flipping cars, to arms getting chopped off by a well-aimed knife throw, Bollywood gives us all sort of stunts to be stunned. The only evolution these stunts have witnessed, is transition from horses to cars.

For more, check out these Bollywood Stunts below which make our favourite:

  1. One Bullet and Do Nishaney

badassgifs2. Because it’s only in a situation like this that your horse proves his loyalty

badassgifs43. Yes, it’s because the hero had to find out the criminal anyway!

badassgifs54. Coz we smell the threat and save ourselves

badassgifs65. Bas! Ek haath hee kaafi hai

badassgifs76. Now that’s savage

badassgis87. Wait for it…

badassgif10No doubt some of these are way too unrealistic but that’s what Bollywood does. It makes it appear all so real that you cannot help but hold your breath tight.