We all know how much cash celebrities earn from their movies and various other endorsements but you will be surprised to know they have millions of dollars insured on their various body parts.

Here Are 10 Celebrities With The Most Expensive Body Parts:

1- Taylor Swift: Legs insured for $ 26.5 million

Taylor Swift frequently puts her enviable long, slender legs on display which are insured for $ 26.5 million.

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2-  David Lee Roth: Sperm insured for $1 million

The Van Halen singer insured his sperm for a hefty amount of $ 1 million although the lend says he has his whole penis insured.

3- Miley Cyrus: Tongue insured for $1 million

The Hannah Montana star got her tongue insured for $ 1 million owing to her strange fascination of sticking her tongue out at any situation.

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4- Rihanna: Legs insured for $1 million

The rebellious singer has got an insurance of $ 1 million of her legs.

5- Kim Kardashian: Butt insured for $21 million

Kim has her butt insured for $ 21 million, the world dies for her butts.

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6- David Beckham: Legs insured for $70 million

The smartest footballer of all time has a leg which could score a free kick from anywhere. His legs were insured for $ 70 million.

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7- Mariah Carey: Legs insured for $1 billion

The world’s most expensive insurance, Mariah had her legs insured for $ 1 billion, yes u read that right, $1 Billion.

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8- Jennifer Lopez: Butt insured for $27 million

The lady who initiated the booty craze, has her butts insured for $ 27 million.

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9- Cristiano Ronaldo: Legs insured for $195 million

Arguably the world’s best footballer, his legs are insured for $ 195 million.