VIDEO: Two Boys Played A Prank On Actor Rajkummar And Almost Got Themselves Killed


The social media is dominated with videos of ‘pranks’ these days but not always do these pranks bring the desired results. Recently, the famous YouTube couple Mike and Heather Martin had to lose custody of their children after they were accused of uploading abusive videos under the guise of ‘prank’.

These pranks also tend to irritate people to the core and often results in repulsive action from the recipient of the prank. A similar situation happened with Bollywood actor Rajkummar Rao, when a prank played on him misfired and he lost his cool.

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In the prank video titled ‘ Fake Director Prank’, Rajkummar is seen with a couple of directors who are giving him directions to shoot a romantic scene. One of the directors, kept on poking his nose and interrupted Rajkummar whenever he started to rehearse his role. At one point of time Rajkummar lost his cool and started abusing the director. At that point of time, the people present revealed that it was a prank, which had gone horribly wrong for the young director.

We can understand how pissed off Rajkummar must have got. Hearing constant advise from somebody even though you are a professional in that field, can really irritate you to the core.

Watch: Fake Director Prank With Rajkummar Rao