GIFs: 9 Most Memorable ‘India vs Pakistan’ Moments


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Amir Sohail was acting too cool. 

- Prasad Sohail

And then this happened! 

- Prasad Sohail wicket

Javed Miandad: One of the best entertainers 

+- Miandad Moore

+- Miandad Moore jumping

No Indian cricket fan can ever forget this moment. Virender Sehwag reaching double hundred with a massive six. MULTAN KA SULTAN

- sehwag 300 (4)

- sehwag 300 (5)

And we can’t forget this either. Angry young man Gautam Gambhir gave it back to Shahid Afridi, like never before. 

+- Afridi Gambhir

+- afridi gambhir chal nikal

+- afridi gambhir swearing

And that wasn’t the only time Gautam Gambhir lost his cool. 

+- Gambhir Akmal

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most exciting finishes between India and Pakistan. 

When Javed Miandad broke billions of hearts in India by smashing a six off the last ball. 

+ Miandad Six

Pakistan cricket fans were uncountable that day! One of the most memorable ‘India vs Pakistan’ moments. 

+ Miandad six Tauseef

“In the air, Sreesanth takes it.” Don’t call yourself an Indian cricket fan if you don’t remember this. 

- misbah scoop

One of the most nail-bitting finishes in India vs Pakistan history. Shahid Afridi kept his cool and smashed one of the most memorable sixes of his career off Ravichandran Ashwin’s bowling.

+ Afridi ashwin Six

And celebrated in his trademark style \0/ #ShabashLala

+ Afridi ashwin celebrating

And, last but not the least, Harbhajan Singh finished it off in style and made sure that Shoaib ‘The Rawalpindi Express’ Akhtar knew about it. 

It started with this! 

- Bhajji Akhtar

And this is how Bhajji replied. 

- Bhajji akhtar celebration

But no love lost. Or maybe a little? 

- Bhajji Akhtar Akhtar

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