The Anti-Romeo squad which was set up to protect women has once again found itself cornered after a video has gone viral on the social media which shows a couple being harassed by the members of anti-romeo squad.

anti romeo squad, viral video

The couple can be seen pleading in front of them asking to be left alone. The girl is heard crying,” Uncle Please Hume Chor Dijiye”. But the members of the squad kept on threatening them and even thrashed the guy.

They asked the couple to get married and even after they said a yes they didn’t stop harassing them. The video is just of 2-3 minutes but we can imagine the sort of hell they must have undergone and surely it would have lasted more than 2-3 minutes.

This is not the first time anti-romeo squad have been in news for bad reason. Earlier also they have harassed couples and in fact once they harassed a brother and sister taking them for a couple.

Anti-Romeo squad was set up to protect women and not to moral police them. What’s having in the name of protection is totally unacceptable.

VIDEO: Anti-Romeo Squad Harassing A Couple In Uttar Pradesh

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