The world of cuisines might be moving towards luxury dining but we can never let go off the desi and real taste which can only be experienced at road side dhabas and small stalls. In spite of an ugly presentation and seemingly unhygienic conditions, these ‘desi’ food joints are perhaps the best when it comes to taste. One such traditional food joint is run by Arumugam, who still uses fire wood to produce some of the best non-veg dishes you can think of.


NewsCrunch had recently featured a few videos of Village Food Factory, which showed a father and son cooking in an open field, in a village in Tamil Nadu.  The  videos gave a demonstration of preparing traditional non-vegetarian dish using fire wood.   We were struck by the hundreds of thousands of views these videos were getting from all over the world.


Arumugam works along side his son and has uploaded more than 40 videos for Youtube channel ‘Village Food Factory’. His cooking style has garnered massive response on Youtube with over 32 million views and more than 70,000 subscribers. His humble smile and ability to cook humongous quantities of South Indian dishes is unparalleled.


The father-sun duo have a special bond with each other and are able to conjure up yummy dishes without the use of a gas stove or any other cooking appliances. One of their videos, in which Arumugam uses 300 eggs to make egg gravy at one go has been one of their most viral videos. The pair have been able to earn more than Rs 5 lakhs per month through their amazing food videos. 

Watch: Arumugam Prepares Egg Gravy Using 300 Eggs

Watch: Full Goat Gravy By Arumugam