Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay is known for his fiery and no-nonsense rants when it comes to judging his fans kitchen antics. He follows a very brutal and direct approach in embarrassing his fans on twitter who send pictures of culinary delights they have whipped up in the kitchen. No matter how good their dishes might be, he always finds some way to critically roast their dishes in an epic way.

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So it is of little wonder that Gordon’s fans went into a frenzy when he finally complimented somebody’s dish on twitter. Bridgett, a twitter user from Boca Raton, Florida had asked Ramsay what he thought of the pork-skillet her fiance had prepared for her but contrary to everyone’s expectations Ramsay didn’t say anything bad and actually had the best words she could hear from his mouth. 

Amateur chef: Bridgette from Boca Raton, Florida, shared this picture of her fiance's meal                                              Source: Daily Mail

Gordon Ramsay asked her to marry his fiance.

Glowing reviews: Ramsay stunned fans when he shared a positive - if brief - review of the dish


Delighted by Ramsay’s amazing reply, she even ensured Ramsay that she would marry him.

Thrilled: An excited Bridgette replied to ensure the chef that she would tie the knot


The twitter community went absolutely berserk after this and expressed their shock at Ramsay’s positive remark.



Causing a stir: Dozens of Twitter followers posted about their disbelief following the tweet