Though, he could extract public support substantially and those clips were shared by vast majority of people. Still, no remedial action has been taken by higher authorities in regard to this particular matter. Rather, this Jawan got transported from the camp to the headquarters and was allocated a plumber’s job there. Soon after, Jawan’s wife proclaimed via her husband’s Facebook Account that she is unable to contact her husband & knows nothing about his well-being from the moment those videos uploaded. She said “Namaskar to all the countrymen.
I want to let you all know, through social media, that I haven’t been able to speak with my husband since the previous evening. We don’t even know where they have kept him and under what circumstances.
” Jawan’s wife wrote for those who expressed their doubt about the credibility of that particular Facebook account, “Some people’s are trying to say that it’s a fake id so I want to say that I am wife of Mr Tej Bahadur Yadav who is using this id.” Thus, things are truly getting worse from the perspective of ‘a common man’ who is all set to sacrifice his life for rest of us still is deprived from basic necessities of life.