Those 3 videos, shared by BSF Jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav, got viral over the Internet & have scared and stunned to the people of India. We all have seen, how our soldiers are being treated on the border ? From the perspective of the soldier, the videos were shared to focus over the low quality of food, is being served to the Jawans. Ultimately, it could reach the higher authorities (Ministry) through Media so that proper remedial actions should be taken against corrupted officials.

This Jawan, in his video had specially appealed to the PM Modi to scrutinize the alleged matter and arrange for special inspection. He has also confessed that they are expected to work for 10 hours after having this substandard bad food which is worse to taste.


Real heroes who are standing at the borders for our safety even when they battle with intruders and extreme bad weather. The facts of corruption are so shameful which have been focused on in the videos that “how the humanistic society have become brutal and cruel?” Jawan Tej Bahadur has put his life on stake when he uploaded the videos so that all of us could realize & fight against corrupted & unscrupulous officers. Further, he asserted via his videos that he might not be alive after sharing this grim, hurtful reality nevertheless he took this step.

Now, his challenges are already increased and he has been chastised for revealing the Truth. Forthwith, he has been transferred from the Camp to the BSF headquarters and has been allotted the duty of a plumber. When this Jawan asked to the superior officer about it, he responded that they can’t do anything about it as the ration was inadequate, which is the cause for such substandard food. Deportation is not the only obstacle faced by this soldier.

Reports by BSF labelled him as mentally sick person so that no one could not believe the grim reality had shown by him.