Prime Minister Modi has been an impelling tweeterist when it comes to using any social media platform. He grabs every opportunity to keep his followers updated with all actions and inactions.



Every time, our Prime Minister visits any place and take up any Initiative in any direction, he shares every thing in detail through his Twitter account wall. Following which, he gets so many likes, comments & shares over all the posts as the followers finds his posts quite interesting. Its so strange and lame that a public officer wastes his precious time by reading and leaving stupid comments over every tweet by Modi. He is non other than Arvind Kejriwal, who never drops a single chance to play blame game about every story shared by PM Modi.

Early morning, it was tweeted by PM Modi that he will be skipping Yoga since he has to go and meet his mom. That Tweet can be seen as follows: Thereafter, Kejriwal responded with his tweet in an attempt to humiliate him. “He said that if he was going to meet his mom, there was no need of showing off on social media.” Some sort of similar situation was created by Kejriwal at the time of Demonetization, When PM Modi’s mother was headed to the bank to exchange notes. At the time too, kejriwal wrote that PM is using his mom for political gains. presently, the people using Tweeter have now become used to such dumb & insane responses by Kejriwal & he is being ignored totally by all of them.


Here’s what Kejriwal tweeted today;