The Incident took place during the airshow, while the soldiers of Indian Air Force were performing paragliding. That moment, three soldiers who were hanging in the air via 3 different coloured parachute, creating a glimpse of Indian Flag. The stunt was performed just before Vibrant Gujarat Show had started.


People were surprised to see the stunts performed by the victim just before the incident who literally jumped into the air holding green coloured parachute As per the officials, the incident happened was least expected as all safety measures were taken to execute a fine landing. The team of para jumper is highly trained, Akash Ganga team of Indian Air Force.


From the perception of Defence Official, the flow of air got changed unexpectedly and suddenly due to which Parachute did not open accurately. Following which, the Soldier fell down into the territory from almost 20 feet above.


Exceptionally, he (Victim) foot got minor injuries and provided right medication by medical team promptly. Due to the forecast of Indian Meteorological Department, the sky would be clearer by Monday so the Air show was postponed for the day and also this was not supposed to face any bad weather. Moreover this day, Gandhinagar witnessed lots of VVIP movements for the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit (VGGS) and large numbers of chartered flights were also seen landing in the city.

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