A Brazilian woman & an Afghani national have been arrested by Anti-narcotics special agency for allegedly ”swallowing” contraband capsules and performing the role of a courier. It has been analysed that drugs are of very high quality which were being carried in the tummy by criminals while the folks were celebrating new year in Delhi. Both were handcuffed few days back and thereafter admitted to a hospital. From the day of apprehension, they have ejected 65 & 90 capsules each.

MCB Deputy Director General R P Singh says:

“Both the swallowers do not look inter-connected as of now. We have detained both of them and investigations under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act are ongoing,”

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) identified the woman as J Da Silva (38) while the Afghanistan national has been recognised as M Qasem (50). The statements of officials are as follows:

”Da Silva has ejected 65 capsules of cocaine till now and few more are expected to be extracted further, Qasem has ejected 90 capsules containing heroin after medical procedures,”.

After the extraction of all drugs, both will be taken under police custody. Then, all legal proceedings will take place under NDPS laws against both culprits. Da Silva and Qasem are reported to be from Sao Paulo & Herat respectively.

The moment they arrived at Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA), duo were grabbed by the cops then and there. As per the enquiries made by NCB, both were allegedly on contract to transfer the party drugs on the occasion of New Year parties which are held and organised in Delhi and NCR. More so, they were intended to get association with more clients over here.

On interrogation of culprits, they confessed that this idea of smuggling is the most easy method as it is almost impossible to locate any concealment inside the body. The duo were apprehended based on some inputs and profiling techniques deployed by the sleuths of the agency. As this intelligence agency has strong reason to believe that drugs can be traded due to the ongoing party season to mark the new year.