The Big Boss Contestant Swami Om has crossed all the limits this season. He has been passing insulting comments on female contestants and now Peeing on contestants is the worst thing, he has done every Inhuman act on National Television.

Every show which is telecasted has a great responsibility towards the audience. And, the promises are made to present a better picture as compared to its previous seasons. All the contestants in the Big Boss house ensured for soaring TRP’s and it did gain it but for all wrong reasons. Swami Om was expelled from controversial reality show and he became a center of controversies after he urinated on his fellow contestants Bani J and Rohan Mehra.


Bigg Boss show evicted him directly without wasting a moment. As it had already become difficult to deal with Swami Om for every Big Boss housemate. And, this time even Manu & Manveer did not reciprocate to this severity of situation. Many times his vulgar acts made his presence disagreeable to the audience & finally kicked out of the show by the security guards. He made the Bigg Boss house a dirty picture and forced audience to turn off their television. This man urinated in the kitchen area and also hid fruits in the washroom.