This is not the first time, a young blood found out a solution of a prolonged Issue. Even if it could be a short- term solution notwithstanding it could turn into a perpetuate invention. This time we have brought the idea of Subik Pandian, a student of class 8 who stretched out his thoughts to make a urinal using a water can.

There are many small towns in India which unable to solve sanitation problems. Similarly in a tiny village of Tamil Nadu, a lack of urinals near a school led this student to come up with the idea of using 20-liter water cans as urinals and eliminate the stench that rose from near his school.


He has worked over the design of Urinal with a team of students & teachers. The can was carefully cut and inverted and then fitted with PVC pipes to drain out the waste. All this is done within a budget of Rs. 1000. Moreover, this design was implemented in four areas around the school.

To encourage more such acts, they have been given a “design for change award” along with a cash prize. At last, ending up this educative story with a beautiful Quote: “No Idea is too small, and all sorts of ideas have the potential to change the world as we know it for the better”.