This New Year’s Eve had become the most frightened and disgusting for women of Bengaluru. We all are aware of the incident that took place on the night of 31st of December. A CCTV footage which is being floated, is scary for all Indians being a woman, a parent of a girl child or a relative in any form.

We all have seen, how a woman was harassed in the middle of a street. But, in the course of such horrific stories, a Braveheart Bengaluru Girl ‘Chaitali Wasnik’ shared her experience as how she taught a perfect lesson to a molester the very same night.

A reportedly drunk guy walked up to her and grouped. Thereafter, what Chaitali did will inspire all the women around. Many Women are being stopped to harass and exploit but how many of us are determined to give it back. Chaitali Wasnik, who is a photographer by profession, usually works till late night, and was walking home from work around 1:30am on the New Year’s Eve. She wasn’t afraid as there were many policemen around the street. In an interview, she told some molester stopped & harassed her with so much ease as if its their right to treat women like this. Also she added that most of such mobster thinks that women are powerless, scared & will be voiceless, no matter what you do to them.

On the contrary, she could not live upto the expectations of such mobsters. She punched and kicked till he could not take the pain and ran away holding his paining d***. She narrated that she outbursts so violently on that b*****d that 15-20 men tried to stop me from hitting the molester. In the last, all I can say to all the women & girls out there that

“You have the power over your mind, not outside events. But Bear in mind that most of the battle are fought & won with the mind, not with physical strength.”

 Most of all, it is the responsibility of the elders to give training to girls & women for their psychological strength and nurture the sensitivity & responsibility element in the mindset of every men towards all women. Only then we can create a better society for all of us & the future generations to come.