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This is Why Nawaz Sharrief is shivering after the new Indian Army Chief’s first statement


 Gen Rawat, who has been the Vice Chief was actively part of the surgical strikes on terror camps across the LOC. In his opinion, Indian Army has to make sure that “pain” must be felt by the terrorists & their supporters. The response from the side of India, would not be in the same manner always. On being asked, he paid no heed to the Pakistan’s threat of use of Nuclear weapons, saying such statements will never discourage and dissuade India and its Soldiers when it comes to defending our Borders.

“While we do agree that we have to retaliate and ensure that the pain is felt by the terrorists and their supporters, the response need not be the same every time,”

the new Indian army chief told in an interview. Gen Rawat who took the pledge as the 27th chief on the last day of 2016, has also said:

“We will calibrate the response in a manner it hits them hard and compels them to think in the long run whether they need to completely rethink their strategy on supporting insurgency and terrorism in our state”.

When asked about the Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar’s statement, the Indian Army Chief said that not every incident needs to be seen from the same perception as there are “large number” of terrorists operating in the valley who are always attempting to carry out some sort of violence against the security forces and citizens. Asked about Pakistan’s threat of using tactical nuclear power, the army chief said nuclear weapons are weapons of deterrence.

“And if Pakistan is reviewing their strategy on use of nuclear weapon, it is something that they have decided to strategize,” Then & thereafter he added further to his statement that “Pakistan’s statements does not find favour either with India or with the international community”.