As per the latest report, total assets amounting to Rs. 15,000 Crore of Dawood Ibrahim was seized by the UAE Government. Also, the UAE Government & authorities have sealed and started inquiry & inspection on his assets located in Dubai. The confidential list of all assets & properties of Dawood given to UAE by NSA Ajit Doval. Dawood Ibrahim’s big business empire is stretched across the world.


He has huge investments in various countries which includes India, Spain, Thailand, UK & others. As per the Government special reports, 7 companies and some Dawood’s close associates have been identified that deals in Aviation, OIL, Power, Construction & Garments. A company named as “Golden Box” operated by Dawood’s Brother is included in the property list given by India to the UAE. The mission of PM Modi’s visit to the UAE was the Surgical Strike on Dawood’s Assets. Along with him, Ajit Doval who worked extensively to represent all the confidential information in detail.


The Government’s vision to eradicate the terrorism thoroughly, has been working laboriously with Indian Intelligence Agencies. As per them, most of Dawood’s assets are in Africa & Dubai. The Intelligence agencies has notified to the concerned governments about the dossier so that immediate action could be taken against it. Ajit Doval’s dossier list includes firms like Dubai’s Oasis OIL & Lube LCC, Al-Noor Diamonds & Oasis Power LCC that are allegedly owned by Dawood. There are certain other firms, Dolphin Constructions, King Video, Moin Garments etc. under Indian security’s scanner. After examining closely by the agencies, it has been concluded that Dawood’s source of money is ‘drug trade’, ‘fake currency rackets’, ‘real estate’ & ‘money laundering’.


As per them, once his business empire is demolished, getting him will be easy. Though, the Demonetization step by PM Modi shall have caused losses to Dawood when he had acknowledged that his racket of fake currency notes have turned worthless. Few sentences from the dossier : “Dawood has close links with Al-Qaeda as a result of which the US declared him a ‘global terrorist’ in 2003 & pursued the matter with the UN to freeze his assets. Dawood controls the hawala system. His syndicate has consistently aimed to destabilize India through riots, terrorism & civil disobedience. It is Modi’s determination to extirpate the terrorism from its roots & all other such evil activities from India, is the main reason that he has won hearts & support, of crores of Indians.