The village is beautifully designed and conceptualised by Chavara and is situated amidst 2 & ½ acre land of countryside area having a great scenic view. One of the interesting fact is this village is alongside Bharatpuzha River and residents have built a tree house surrounded by lush green trees. Inside the tree house Mohan Chavara & Family cook meal with fresh produce from their organic garden. Mohan Chavara, a talented Sculptor with his wife Rukmini, had been principal of nursing college, had always dreamt of creating a community of people committed to green living. In the year of 2013, they had a talk with 14 like-minded families about building a self-sustainable organic village for themselves. Obviously, being a nature lover Chavara understands its worth and believes in simple living and always wanted to reside in harmony with nature.


Earlier, the land of this beautiful village was a rubber plantation and Chavara chopped and removed all rubber trees as they were unhealthy for the soil. Next, Mohan, Rukmini with 2 daughters built their tree house with their own hands before planting fruits & vegetables. Since, village’s initial stage of eruption, number of appreciative visitors have been rising in numbers, therefore Chavaras & other families have planned to build a guest house & a large community kitchen where everybody can cook & eat together. Also, families have a plan to invite Artists, Activists for weekly art meets at the village. Chavaras also have this strong believe that one can learn much more love, humanity & compassion while abiding amidst nature in comparison to regular schools.



Therefore, both their daughters have dropped out of school and much more comfortable through this informal mode of Education. Both the sisters love observing the beauty of the nature and very frequently they travel to learn more about cultural and social diversity of the State. Taught by their father, Surya and Sreya have also become quite proficient at sculpturing and other art forms. With their parents encouraging their creativity, the sisters have made many sculptures and paintings that adorn the walls and pillars of the quaint mud house. A quiet place away from the chaos of the city, their efforts have transformed the village into a fetching fusion of traditional jungle living and artistic design.


Having seen the positive effect of sustainable living on their kids, the Chavaras and the other families now plan to design their own education system (including art and craft workshops, gardening classes etc) that encourages children to live together, rather than to compete with each other. The Chavaras have literally set a unique example of organic living that is sure to inspire many people across India to return to their roots.