We all must have experienced that Children psychology is full of Love, Compassion & Purity. No one is born with anger, hatred or selfishness. It is the elders who have been stuffing such negativity into one’s heart. There is no shapes and sizes for the Heroes, as the under mentioned story is about a two-year old belongs to Utah who saved his twin from being crushed beneath a fallen dresser.

Toddler Brock & Bowdy were playing in their bedroom when a dresser tipped over Brock. The Video attached herein is of the home’s surveillance camera captured the whole incident. Most incredible thing was the efforts made by the Toddler Bowdy with his impressive strength to free Brock trapped underneath a Dresser. This circumstance truly proved that Human is born with brevity and fearlessness else every reversed emotion is poured up in all of us.


This incident can force anyone to ask self that how many of us take up such cool-headed action when we found such problems & challenges upfront? By noticing closely the gestures and expression of Bowdy, it can be seen that he didn’t had even a second thought of self -doubt that “whether can he lift the dresser up”? All he did is just every single effort and he was on hand to free Brock from the potentially deadly situation. He took a few seconds to inspect the dresser and tried to lift the object up, but struggled with it due to his size. Then he tried pushing it and the furniture slowly but surely began to move.

The video was posted on Facebook by kid’s parents as a warning of the ‘dangers of tipping dressers’. As the fallen boy shifted around beneath the dresser, the pressure on his ribcage is terrifying obvious. But, according to their mother Kayli both boys were recovered and playing together when she came back to their room. She said that she didn’t hear the dresser falling or her son crying, telling about the situation. Initially parents were reluctant to post this video, but this is for the awareness of all other parents around the world and on top of that to spread the ‘message of love’ which only the kids can give us.