With hardwork & devotion, one can even touch the sky ! Shrikant Pantawane, belonged to Nagpur was born in a family suppressed under fate. The financial difficulties of his family led him to work at a very young age. He had worked as an auto-driver to earn bread butter for his family. Anything he had got moral support from his father who is a security guard. Still encumbered by numerous responsibilities, he kept his faith alive in himself and always managed time to gain Education. After having so many challenges in his life, he never lost hope in his dreams and followed his inner calling irrespective of innate fears. Now, Shrikant still sits in a three-wheeled vehicle, but it’s not his auto rickshaw, but an aircraft !!! At times, he used to visit to the airport to deliver parcels which paved the way to reach his destiny as a pilot.


Just through a random conversation with cadets, he got to know that ‘one could become a pilot even if he didn’t get into Indian Air Force’. Then, a tea-seller outside the airport made him aware about a pilot scholarship program by the DGCA. All he did is, just believed in himself and started studying & preparing for the scholarship. Immediately after the declaration of class 12th results, he joined a flight school in Madhya Pradesh. Even after this, challenges kept coming his way and he had faced certain problems i.e. ENGLISH Language but he surpassed this language barrier with help from his friends.

Consequently, he passed the examination and got his commercial pilot license but global recession in the Aviation market kept him at bay. Hence, he had to join as an executive in a company for the time being to arrange finances for self & family. Few months back from now, he received an offer from Indigo Airlines that appointed him as a First Officer in its ‘Pack of Pilots’. Salute to this young Indian and every such Indian for the spirit & Faith which is and has been inspiring millions others around.