Now a days, almost everyone is trying to assess as ‘What could be the next announcement by Prime Minister MODI ?’ Hardly anyone has plans for New Years Eve and one’s mind is succumbed with the thoughts of actions could be taken alongside Demonetization.

1. No limit on withdrawal of Cash from 1st day of 2017 This could be the probability that the cap on cash withdrawal would be removed from 1st January onwards as 250-300 million currency notes were being printed on daily basis, Minister of State for Finance Santosh Gangwar has said. “I have been told that 25-30 crore notes are being printed on a daily basis. Continuing with the withdrawal cap is not necessary from 1 January,” Gangwar told CNBC TV18 in an interview recently. “Inconvenience of limited withdrawal will lessen after 30 December. Improvements can be seen in the transaction process in the last few days” he further added.

2. Made in INDIA IPhone could be Real very soon Apple has presented its terms & conditions before the Indian Government and it could pave way for IPhone manufacturing in our country. Apple wants the Indian Government to relax labelling rules so that it is not mandatory for them to print product related information directly onto devices to avoid cluttering up their minimalist design. The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) has forwarded the iPhone maker’s request to the Department of Revenue and to the Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DeITY) in November for consideration, said an official.

3. New York’s Sikh police officers can wear Turbans & Grow Beards now Until now, police officers in New York used to wear turbans under their hats and beards were not permitted at all. But, as per the new rules, religious members in the force are permitted to grow beards up to half an inch long. Also, all Sikh officers can now wear a blue-coloured turban with NYPD insignia attached to it. This is really appreciable step on the part of New York Police Department and Sikh Community feels great freedom towards their beliefs.

4. Ringing Bells owe Dealers money in Lakhs, while Founder & his wife quits Directorship Many Indians had paid Rs. 250 to experience the joy of features of 1 GB RAM and a tiny 4 Inch 3.2 MP Camera. But with the latest updates, such dreams might never get fulfilled. Mr. Mohit Goel, who has been Managing Director has reportedly quit the position and so his wife. Their office in Noida has been shut for 2 weeks now, and on the other side phone dealers are facing major difficulty in dealing with customers who had paid Rs. 250.

5. Girls filing Rape Cases after Breakups, are rising Bombay High Court has expressed its concern over the rising number of cases where rape charges have been invoked by a girl against her boyfriend following a breakup. Hearing such a plea by a 20-year-old woman seeking the quashing of an FIR, she had lodged against her ex, a division bench of Justices Vidyasagar Kanade, Nutan Sardessai said that in many such cases the accused men have to languish in jail for months or years.